Hiroyuki Miyazoe
Hiroyuki Miyazoe
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
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Carbon nanotube complementary wrap-gate transistors
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Selective sputtering for pattern transfer
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Two-Dimensional Pattern Formation Using Graphoepitaxy of PS-b-PMMA Block Copolymers for Advanced FinFET Device and Circuit Fabrication
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Scalable and fully self-aligned n-type carbon nanotube transistors with gate-all-around
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Resistivity of copper interconnects beyond the 7 nm node
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Improving the metallic content of focused electron beam-induced deposits by a scanning electron microscope integrated hydrogen-argon microplasma generator
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Synthesis of the higher-order diamondoid hexamantane using low-temperature plasmas generated in supercritical xenon
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Self-aligned pitch split for unidirectional metal wiring
JB Chang, MA Guillorn, EA Joseph, H Miyazoe
US Patent 9,786,597, 2017
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