Elisa Azzarello
Elisa Azzarello
University of Florence
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Flavonoids as antioxidants in plants: location and functional significance
G Agati, E Azzarello, S Pollastri, M Tattini
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MDR-like ABC transporter AtPGP4 is involved in auxin-mediated lateral root and root hair development
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Heavy metal distribution between contaminated soil and Paulownia tomentosa, in a pilot-scale assisted phytoremediation study: influence of different complexing agents
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Marine bioactive substances (IPA extract) improve foliar ion uptake and water stress tolerance in potted Vitis vinifera plants
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Spatiotemporal dynamics of the electrical network activity in the root apex
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Linking salinity stress tolerance with tissue-specific Na+ sequestration in wheat roots
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Arabidopsis TWISTED DWARF1 functionally interacts with auxin exporter ABCB1 on the root plasma membrane
B Wang, A Bailly, M Zwiewka, S Henrichs, E Azzarello, S Mancuso, ...
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Cell-type-specific H+-ATPase activity in root tissues enables K+ retention and mediates acclimation of barley (Hordeum vulgare) to salinity stress
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Ultramorphological and physiological modifications induced by high zinc levels in Paulownia tomentosa
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Environmental and experimental Botany 81, 11-17, 2012
The cyclophilin A DIAGEOTROPICA gene affects auxin transport in both root and shoot to control lateral root formation
MG Ivanchenko, J Zhu, B Wang, E Medvecká, Y Du, E Azzarello, ...
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TWISTED DWARF1 mediates the action of auxin transport inhibitors on actin cytoskeleton dynamics
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Comparing image (fractal analysis) and electrochemical (impedance spectroscopy and electrolyte leakage) techniques for the assessment of the freezing tolerance in olive
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Local root apex hypoxia induces NO-mediated hypoxic acclimation of the entire root
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Acclimation improves salt stress tolerance in Zea mays plants
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Class‐modeling approach to PTR‐TOFMS data: a peppers case study
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Deciphering early events involved in hyperosmotic stress-induced programmed cell death in tobacco BY-2 cells
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Influence of the application renewal of glutamate and tartrate on Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn distribution between contaminated soil and Paulownia tomentosa in a pilot-scale assisted …
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Comparing fractal analysis, electrical impedance and electrolyte leakage for the assessment of cold tolerance in Callistemon and Grevillea spp.
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Use of volatile organic compounds and physicochemical parameters for monitoring the post-harvest ripening of imported tropical fruits
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Enhancement of ammonium and potassium root influxes by the application of marine bioactive substances positively affects Vitis vinifera plant growth
S Mugnai, E Azzarello, C Pandolfi, S Salamagne, X Briand, S Mancuso
Journal of Applied Phycology 20 (2), 177-182, 2008
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