FIORI Alexandre Jean-Yves
FIORI Alexandre Jean-Yves
National Institute for Materials Science, 1-1 Namiki, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0044, Japan
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Zr/oxidized diamond interface for high power Schottky diodes
A Traore, P Muret, A Fiori, D Eon, E Gheeraert, J Pernot
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Hole transport in boron delta-doped diamond structures
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In situ etching-back processes for a sharper top interface in boron delta-doped diamond structures
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Simulations of carrier confinement in boron δ‐doped diamond devices
A Fiori, J Pernot, E Gheeraert, E Bustarret
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Improved depth resolution of secondary ion mass spectrometry profiles in diamond: A quantitative analysis of the delta-doping
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Critical boron-doping levels for generation of dislocations in synthetic diamond
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Diamond Schottky diodes with ideality factors close to 1
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Boron concentration profiling by high angle annular dark field-scanning transmission electron microscopy in homoepitaxial δ-doped diamond layers
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Atomic composition of WC/and Zr/O-terminated diamond Schottky interfaces close to ideality
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Thermal stabilization and deterioration of the WC/p‐type diamond (100) Schottky‐barrier interface
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Boron-doped superlattices and Bragg mirrors in diamond
A Fiori, J Bousquet, D Eon, F Omnès, E Bellet-Amalric, E Bustarret
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Plasma etching phenomena in heavily boron-doped diamond growth
A Fiori, T Teraji
Diamond and Related Materials 76, 38-43, 2017
Nouvelles générations de structures en diamant dopé au bore par technique de delta-dopage pour l'électronique de puissance: croissance par CVD et caractérisation
A Fiori
Grenoble, 2012
Boron-doping proximity effects on dislocation generation during non-planar MPCVD homoepitaxial diamond growth
F Lloret, D Eon, E Bustarret, A Fiori, D Araujo
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New generations of boron-doped diamond structures by delta-doping technique for power electronics: CVD growth and characterization
A Fiori
Université de Grenoble, 2012
Recent progress of diamond device toward power application
J Pernot, G Chicot, A Fiori, A Traoré, TNT Thi, PN Volpe, D Eon, F Omnès, ...
EXMATEC 2012: 11th Expert Evaluation and Control of Compound Semicon-ductor …, 2012
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