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Facile synthesis of nanoporous carbons with controlled particle sizes by direct carbonization of monodispersed ZIF-8 crystals
NL Torad, M Hu, Y Kamachi, K Takai, M Imura, M Naito, Y Yamauchi
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Enzyme nanoarchitectonics: organization and device application
K Ariga, Q Ji, T Mori, M Naito, Y Yamauchi, H Abe, JP Hill
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Chemical-stimuli-controllable circularly polarized luminescence from anion-responsive π-conjugated molecules
H Maeda, Y Bando, K Shimomura, I Yamada, M Naito, K Nobusawa, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (24), 9266-9269, 2011
Regulation of β-sheet structures within amyloid-like β-sheet assemblage from tripeptide derivatives
N Yamada, K Ariga, M Naito, K Matsubara, E Koyama
Journal of the American Chemical Society 120 (47), 12192-12199, 1998
Catalytic asymmetric reduction of allylic esters with formic acid catalyzed by palladium-MOP complexes
T Hayashi, H Iwamura, M Naito, Y Matsumoto, Y Uozumi, M Miki, ...
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Transgenic Arabidopsis plants expressing the rice dehydroascorbate reductase gene are resistant to salt stress
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Facile synthetic route to highly luminescent sila [7] helicene
H Oyama, K Nakano, T Harada, R Kuroda, M Naito, K Nobusawa, ...
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Large Cs adsorption capability of nanostructured Prussian Blue particles with high accessible surface areas
NL Torad, M Hu, M Imura, M Naito, Y Yamauchi
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Circularly polarized luminescent CdS quantum dots prepared in a protein nanocage
M Naito, K Iwahori, A Miura, M Yamane, I Yamashita
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Asymmetric Induction in the Preparation of Helical Receptor–Anion Complexes: Ion‐Pair Formation with Chiral Cations
Y Haketa, Y Bando, K Takaishi, M Uchiyama, A Muranaka, M Naito, ...
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Circularly polarized luminescence of a fluorescent chiral binaphtylene–perylenebiscarboxydiimide dimer
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Circularly polarized luminescence of Eu (III) complexes with point-and axis-chiral ligands dependent on coordination structures
T Harada, Y Nakano, M Fujiki, M Naito, T Kawai, Y Hasegawa
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Palladium (0)-catalyzed hydroboration of 1-buten-3-ynes: preparation of allenylboranes
Y Matsumoto, M Naito, T Hayashi
Organometallics 11 (7), 2732-2734, 1992
Modulated supramolecular assemblies composed of tripeptide derivatives: formation of micrometer-scale rods, nanometer-size needles, and regular patterns with molecular-level …
K Ariga, J Kikuchi, M Naito, E Koyama, N Yamada
Langmuir 16 (11), 4929-4939, 2000
Chiroptical generation and inversion during the mirror-symmetry-breaking aggregation of dialkylpolysilanes due to limonene chirality
Y Nakano, F Ichiyanagi, M Naito, Y Yang, M Fujiki
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Circularly polarized luminescence in supramolecular assemblies of chiral bichromophoric perylene bisimides
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Rhodium‐Catalyzed Asymmetric Synthesis of Silicon‐Stereogenic Dibenzosiloles by Enantioselective [2+ 2+ 2] Cycloaddition
R Shintani, C Takagi, T Ito, M Naito, K Nozaki
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54 (5), 1616-1620, 2015
Stiffness-and conformation-dependent polymer wrapping onto single-walled carbon nanotubes
M Naito, K Nobusawa, H Onouchi, M Nakamura, K Yasui, A Ikeda, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (49), 16697-16703, 2008
Helical polymer command surface: thermodriven chiroptical transfer and amplification in binary polysilane film system
A Saxena, G Guo, M Fujiki, Y Yang, A Ohira, K Okoshi, M Naito
Macromolecules 37 (9), 3081-3083, 2004
Versatile Helical Polymer Films: Chiroptical Inversion Switching and Memory with Re‐Writable (RW) and Write‐Once Read‐Many (WORM) Modes
A Ohira, K Okoshi, M Fujiki, M Kunitake, M Naito, T Hagihara
Advanced Materials 16 (18), 1645-1650, 2004
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