Rui Kamada
Rui Kamada
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Tetramer formation of tumor suppressor protein p53: Structure, function, and applications
R Kamada, Y Toguchi, T Nomura, T Imagawa, K Sakaguchi
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Interferon stimulation creates chromatin marks and establishes transcriptional memory
R Kamada, W Yang, Y Zhang, MC Patel, Y Yang, R Ouda, A Dey, ...
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Cancer-associated p53 tetramerization domain mutants: quantitative analysis reveals a low threshold for tumor suppressor inactivation
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Specific Detection and Imaging of Enzyme Activity by Signal‐Amplifiable Self‐Assembling 19F MRI Probes
K Matsuo, R Kamada, K Mizusawa, H Imai, Y Takayama, M Narazaki, ...
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Novel inhibitors targeting PPM1D phosphatase potently suppress cancer cell proliferation
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Characterization of a new cancer-associated mutant of p53 with a missense mutation (K351N) in the tetramerization domain
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Effective cellular morphology analysis for differentiation processes by a fluorescent 1, 3a, 6a-triazapentalene derivative probe in live cells
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Metal-dependent Ser/Thr protein phosphatase PPM family: evolution, structures, diseases and inhibitors
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On the role of H3. 3 in retroviral silencing
G Wolf, R Rebollo, MM Karimi, AD Ewing, R Kamada, W Wu, B Wu, ...
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Inhibition of Ser/Thr phosphatase PPM1D induces neutrophil differentiation in HL-60 cells
R Kamada, F Kudoh, F Yoshimura, K Tanino, K Sakaguchi
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Inhibition of C-terminal truncated PPM1D enhances the effect of doxorubicin on cell viability in human colorectal carcinoma cell line
Y Kozakai, R Kamada, Y Kiyota, F Yoshimura, K Tanino, K Sakaguchi
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PPM1D controls nucleolar formation by up-regulating phosphorylation of nucleophosmin
Y Kozakai, R Kamada, J Furuta, Y Kiyota, Y Chuman, K Sakaguchi
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Probing phenylalanine environments in oligomeric structures with pentafluorophenylalanine and cyclohexylalanine
T Nomura, R Kamada, I Ito, K Sakamoto, Y Chuman, K Ishimori, ...
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Inhibition of tumor suppressor protein p53-dependent transcription by a tetramerization domain peptide via hetero-oligomerization
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Synergic strategies for the enhanced self-assembly of biomineralization peptides for the synthesis of functional nanomaterials
JIB Janairo, T Sakaguchi, K Mine, R Kamada, K Sakaguchi
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Antiproliferative activity of silver nanoplates on human promyelocytic leukemia cell lines
T Sakaguchi, K Mine, F Kudoh, R Kamada, K Sakaguchi
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Patterning nanofibrils through the templated growth of multiple modified amyloid peptides
H Sakai, K Watanabe, F Kudoh, R Kamada, Y Chuman, K Sakaguchi
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