Akihiro Horibe
Akihiro Horibe
IBM Research - Tokyo
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Tandem lighting panel
E Higuchi, T Ishikawa, A Horibe
US Patent 6,241,358, 2001
Wafer thinning, bonding, and interconnects induced local strain/stress in 3D-LSIs with fine-pitch high-density microbumps and through-Si vias
M Murugesan, H Kino, H Nohira, JC Bea, A Horibe, F Yamada, ...
2010 International Electron Devices Meeting, 2.3. 1-2.3. 4, 2010
High-bandwidth, high-numerical aperture graded-index polymer optical fiber
T Ishigure, A Horibe, E Nihei, Y Koike
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Light source device with uniformity in color temperature of emission
Y Koike, A Horibe
US Patent 6,217,184, 2001
Full intermetallic joints for chip stacking by using thermal gradient bonding
TL Yang, T Aoki, K Matsumoto, K Toriyama, A Horibe, H Mori, Y Orii, ...
Acta Materialia 113, 90-97, 2016
Liquid crystal display device and display device
A Horibe, M Suzuki, T Fujita, N Kushida
US Patent 6,765,634, 2004
Inter chip fill for 3D chip stack
A Horibe, F Yamada, C Feger, K JU
Transactions of The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging 2 (1), 160-162, 2009
Brighter backlights using highly scattered optical‐transmission polymer
A Horibe, M Izhuara, E Nihei, Y Koike
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Through silicon via process for effective multi-wafer integration
A Horibe, K Sueoka, T Aoki, K Toriyama, K Okamoto, S Kohara, H Mori, ...
2015 IEEE 65th Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC), 1808-1812, 2015
Alignment method for circular multi-core optical fiber
A Horibe, F Yamada, Y Taira
US Patent 7,548,674, 2009
High efficiency and high visual quality LCD backlighting system
A Horibe, M Baba, E Nihei, Y Koike
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High-efficiency and high-quality LCD backlight using highly scattering optical transmission polymer
A Horibe, M Baba, E Nihei, Y Koike
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High bandwidth and high numerical aperture graded-index polymer optical fibre
T Ishigure, A Horibe, E Nihei, Y Koike
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Effect of underfill properties on thermomechanical stress in fine pitch 3d-ic package
A Horibe, S Kohara, K Sueoka, K Matsumoto, Y Orii, F Yamada
Proceedings of ICEP-IAAC 2012, 11-16, 2012
TSV diagnostics by X-ray microscopy
K Sueoka, F Yamada, A Horibe, H Kikuchi, K Minami, Y Orii
2011 IEEE 13th Electronics Packaging Technology Conference, 695-698, 2011
No clean flux technology for large die flip chip packages
A Horibe, KW Lee, K Okamoto, H Mori, Y Orii, Y Nishizako, O Suzuki, ...
2013 IEEE 63rd Electronic Components and Technology Conference, 688-693, 2013
Vertical integration after stacking (ViaS) process for low-cost and low-stress 3D silicon integration
K Sueoka, A Horibe, T Aoki, K Kohara, K Toriyama, H Mori, Y Orii
2015 International 3D Systems Integration Conference (3DIC), TS8. 3.1-TS8. 3.5, 2015
Fine-pitch solder joining for high density interconnection
K Sueoka, S Kohara, A Horibe, F Yamada, H Mori, Y Orii
2014 International Conference on Electronics Packaging (ICEP), 600-603, 2014
Thermal stress and die-warpage analyses of 3D die stacks on organic substrates
S Kohara, K Sueoka, A Horibe, K Matsumoto, F Yamada, Y Orii
2012 2nd IEEE CPMT Symposium Japan, 1-4, 2012
High-band width polymer optical fiber and its applications
Y Koike, T Ishigure, A Horibe, E Nihei
POF 93, 54, 1993
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