Krzysztof Wieckowski
Krzysztof Wieckowski
Jagiellonian University Medical College, Faculty of Pharmacy, Dept. of Organic Chemistry
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A microwave-assisted, propylphosphonic anhydride (T3P®) mediated one-pot Fischer indole synthesis
M Desroses, K Wieckowski, M Stevens, LR Odell
Tetrahedron letters 52 (34), 4417-4420, 2011
Novel multi-target-directed ligands for Alzheimer's disease: combining cholinesterase inhibitors and 5-HT6 receptor antagonists. Design, synthesis and biological evaluation
A Więckowska, M Kołaczkowski, A Bucki, J Godyń, M Marcinkowska, ...
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Antiallodynic and antihyperalgesic activity of 3-[4-(3-trifluoromethyl-phenyl)-piperazin-1-yl]-dihydrofuran-2-one compared to pregabalin in chemotherapy-induced neuropathic …
K Sałat, A Cios, E Wyska, R Sałat, S Mogilski, B Filipek, K Więckowski, ...
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Synthesis of new N-benzylpiperidine derivatives as cholinesterase inhibitors with β-amyloid anti-aggregation properties and beneficial effects on memory in vivo
A Więckowska, K Więckowski, M Bajda, B Brus, K Sałat, P Czerwińska, ...
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Evaluation of antinociceptive and antioxidant properties of 3-[4-(3-trifluoromethyl-phenyl)-piperazin-1-yl]-dihydrofuran-2-one in mice
K Sałat, K Gawlik, J Witalis, D Pawlica-Gosiewska, B Filipek, B Solnica, ...
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Novel multitarget-directed ligands aiming at symptoms and causes of Alzheimer’s disease
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Analgesic, anticonvulsant and antioxidant activities of 3-[4-(3-trifluoromethyl-phenyl)-piperazin-1-yl]-dihydrofuran-2-one dihydrochloride in mice
K Salat, A Moniczewski, R Salat, M Janaszek, B Filipek, B Malawska, ...
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Evaluation of anxiolytic-like, anticonvulsant, antidepressant-like and antinociceptive properties of new 2-substituted 4-hydroxybutanamides with affinity for GABA transporters …
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Synthesis and pharmacological properties of new GABA uptake inhibitors
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Analgesic activity of 3-mono-substituted derivatives of dihydrofuran-2-one in experimental rodent models of pain
K Sałat, B Filipek, K Więckowski, B Malawska
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Synthesis and biological evaluation of new derivatives of 2-substituted 4-hydroxybutanamides as GABA uptake inhibitors
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Novel 3-(1,2,3,6-Tetrahydropyridin-4-yl)-1H-indole-Based Multifunctional Ligands with Antipsychotic-Like, Mood-Modulating, and Procognitive Activity
A Bucki, M Marcinkowska, J Sniecikowska, K Wieckowski, M Pawłowski, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 60 (17), 7483-7501, 2017
Search for anticonvulsant and analgesic active derivatives of dihydrofuran-2(3H)-one
K Więckowski, K Sałat, J Bytnar, M Bajda, B Filipek, JP Stables, ...
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A microwave-assisted multicomponent synthesis of substituted 3, 4-dihydroquinazolinones
MY Stevens, K Wieckowski, P Wu, RT Sawant, LR Odell
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Analgesic, antioedematous and antioxidant activity of γ-butyrolactone derivatives in rodents
K Salat, T Librowski, A Moniczewski, K Stanisz-Wallis, K Wieckowski, ...
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Design, synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of\alpha-substituted N-benzylamides of\gamma-hydroxybutyric acid with potential GABA-ergic activity: part 6: search for new …
B Malawska, K Kulig, J Gajda, D Szczeblewski, A Musiał, K Więckowski, ...
Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica. Drug Research 64 (2), 2007
1-Benzylpyrrolidine-3-amine-based BuChE inhibitors with anti-aggregating, antioxidant and metal-chelating properties as multifunctional agents against Alzheimer’s disease
T Wichur, A Więckowska, K Więckowski, J Godyń, J Jończyk, ...
European journal of medicinal chemistry 187, 111916, 2020
A study of the lipophilicity of amide derivatives of α-(1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydroisoquinolin-2-yl)-γ-hydroxybutyric acid by use of RP-TLC and calculation
K Więckowski, A Czaja, A Woźniak, A Musiał, B Malawska
JPC–Journal of Planar Chromatography–Modern TLC 20 (2), 101-106, 2007
Comparative Assessment of the New PDE7 Inhibitor–GRMS-55 and Lisofylline in Animal Models of Immune-Related Disorders: A PK/PD Modeling Approach
A Świerczek, K Pociecha, M Ślusarczyk, G Chłoń-Rzepa, S Baś, ...
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Lipophilic properties of anti‐Alzheimer's agents determined by micellar electrokinetic chromatography and reversed‐phase thin‐layer chromatography
J Godyń, M Hebda, A Więckowska, K Więckowski, B Malawska, M Bajda
Electrophoresis 38 (9-10), 1268-1275, 2017
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