Christoph Treude
Christoph Treude
Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering, University of Melbourne
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How do programmers ask and answer questions on the web?: NIER track
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Augmenting API Documentation with Insights from Stack Overflow
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Difference computation of large models
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Measuring API documentation on the web
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Awareness 2.0: staying aware of projects, developers and tasks using dashboards and feeds
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On-demand developer documentation
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Choosing an NLP library for analyzing software documentation: a systematic literature review and a series of experiments
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SOTorrent: reconstructing and analyzing the evolution of stack overflow posts
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Extracting development tasks to navigate software documentation
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NLP2Code: Code snippet content assist via natural language tasks
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Categorizing the content of GitHub README files
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Who is Who in the Mailing List? Comparing Six Disambiguation Heuristics to Identify Multiple Addresses of a Participant
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