Shuji Tanaka
Shuji Tanaka
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In vitro blood flow in a rectangular PDMS microchannel: experimental observations using a confocal micro-PIV system
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Experimental verification of the feasibility of a 100 W class micro-scale gas turbine at an impeller diameter of 10 mm
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MEMS-based components of a miniature fuel cell/fuel reformer system
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Test of B/Ti multilayer reactive igniters for a micro solid rocket array thruster
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Interferons modulate the expression of hormone receptors on the surface of murine melanoma cells.
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Development of high-speed micro-gas bearings for three-dimensional micro-turbo machines
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Audio apparatus for vehicle
S Tanaka, S Nakamura, T Sakamoto, Y Hirakata, T Yamagata
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Solubility and diffusivity of hydrogen in vanadium and its alloys around room temperature
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An investigation of the wake structure and aerodynamic characteristics of a finite circular cylinder: time-averaged wake structures behind circular cylinders with various …
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Microfabrication of thermoelectric materials by silicon molding process
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Fabrication of novel MEMS-based polymer electrolyte fuel cell architectures with catalytic electrodes supported on porous SiO2
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Axisymmetric polydimethysiloxane microchannels for in vitro hemodynamic studies
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Silicon carbide micro-reaction-sintering using micromachined silicon molds
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Maximum accuracy evaluation scheme for wireless SAW delay-line sensors
JH Kuypers, LM Reindl, S Tanaka, M Esashi
ieee transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control 55 …, 2008
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