Andreas Nautsch
Andreas Nautsch
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ASVspoof 2019: Future horizons in spoofed and fake audio detection
M Todisco, X Wang, V Vestman, M Sahidullah, H Delgado, A Nautsch, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1904.05441, 2019
Biometric systems under morphing attacks: Assessment of morphing techniques and vulnerability reporting
U Scherhag, A Nautsch, C Rathgeb, M Gomez-Barrero, RNJ Veldhuis, ...
2017 International Conference of the Biometrics Special Interest Group …, 2017
ASVspoof 2019: A large-scale public database of synthesized, converted and replayed speech
X Wang, J Yamagishi, M Todisco, H Delgado, A Nautsch, N Evans, ...
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Preserving privacy in speaker and speech characterisation
A Nautsch, A Jiménez, A Treiber, J Kolberg, C Jasserand, E Kindt, ...
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Introducing the VoicePrivacy initiative
N Tomashenko, BML Srivastava, X Wang, E Vincent, A Nautsch, ...
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The GDPR & speech data: Reflections of legal and technology communities, first steps towards a common understanding
A Nautsch, C Jasserand, E Kindt, M Todisco, I Trancoso, N Evans
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End-to-end anti-spoofing with RawNet2
H Tak, J Patino, M Todisco, A Nautsch, N Evans, A Larcher
ICASSP 2021-2021 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and …, 2021
Tandem assessment of spoofing countermeasures and automatic speaker verification: Fundamentals
T Kinnunen, H Delgado, N Evans, KA Lee, V Vestman, A Nautsch, ...
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The VoicePrivacy 2020 challenge evaluation plan
N Tomashenko, BML Srivastava, X Wang, E Vincent, A Nautsch, ...
The I4U mega fusion and collaboration for NIST speaker recognition evaluation 2016
K Lee, V Hautamäki, T Kinnunen, A Larcher, C Zhang, A Nautsch, ...
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Spoofing attack detection using the non-linear fusion of sub-band classifiers
H Tak, J Patino, A Nautsch, N Evans, M Todisco
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Speaker anonymisation using the McAdams coefficient
J Patino, N Tomashenko, M Todisco, A Nautsch, N Evans
arXiv preprint arXiv:2011.01130, 2020
Robustness of Quality-based Score Calibration of Speaker Recognition Systems with respect to low-SNR and short-duration conditions.
A Nautsch, R Saeidi, C Rathgeb, C Busch
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Homomorphic encryption for speaker recognition: Protection of biometric templates and vendor model parameters
A Nautsch, S Isadskiy, J Kolberg, M Gomez-Barrero, C Busch
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ASVspoof 2019: spoofing countermeasures for the detection of synthesized, converted and replayed speech
A Nautsch, X Wang, N Evans, TH Kinnunen, V Vestman, M Todisco, ...
IEEE Transactions on Biometrics, Behavior, and Identity Science 3 (2), 252-265, 2021
An explainability study of the constant Q cepstral coefficient spoofing countermeasure for automatic speaker verification
H Tak, J Patino, A Nautsch, N Evans, M Todisco
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Privacy-preserving PLDA speaker verification using outsourced secure computation
A Treiber, A Nautsch, J Kolberg, T Schneider, C Busch
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Multi-Bit Allocation: Preparing Voice Biometrics for Template Protection.
M Paulini, C Rathgeb, A Nautsch, H Reichau, H Reininger, C Busch
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Entropy analysis of i-vector feature spaces in duration-sensitive speaker recognition
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ASVspoof 2021: accelerating progress in spoofed and deepfake speech detection
J Yamagishi, X Wang, M Todisco, M Sahidullah, J Patino, A Nautsch, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2109.00537, 2021
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