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The DNA sequence of human chromosome 22
I Dunham, AR Hunt, JE Collins, R Bruskiewich, DM Beare, M Clamp, ...
Nature 402 (6761), 489-495
Evaluation of trauma team performance using an advanced human patient simulator for resuscitation training
JB Holcomb, RD Dumire, JW Crommett, CE Stamateris, MA Fagert, ...
Journal of Trauma-Injury, Infection, and Critical Care 52 (6), 1078-1086
The natural course of unruptured cerebral aneurysms in a Japanese cohort.
A Morita, T Kirino, K Hashi, N Aoki, S Fukuhara, N Hashimoto, ...
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Determinants of mortality in patients with severe blunt head injury
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Fractures with major vascular injuries from gunshot wounds: implications of surgical sequence
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Journal of Trauma-Injury, Infection, and Critical Care 53 (4), 717-721
In vitro production of interleukin-1, interleukin-6, and tumor necrosis factor-alpha in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.
Y Ohno, N Aoki, A Nishimura
The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism 77 (4), 1072-1077
Outcomes and methods in telemedicine evaluation
N Aoki, K Dunn, KA Johnson-Throop, JP Turley
Telemedicine Journal and e-Health 9 (4), 393-401
Evaluation of potential fat emboli during placement of intramedullary nails after orthopedic fractures
N Aoki, K Soma, M Shindo, T Kurosawa, T Ohwada
CHEST Journal 113 (1), 178-181
Predictive model for survival at the conclusion of a damage control laparotomy
N Aoki, MJ Wall, J Demsar, B Zupan, T Granchi, MA Schreiber, ...
The American journal of surgery 180 (6), 540-545
Cost-effectiveness analysis of telemedicine to evaluate diabetic retinopathy in a prison population
N Aoki, K Dunn, T Fukui, JR Beck, WJ Schull, HK Li
Diabetes Care 27 (5), 1095-1101
Edutainment tools for initial education of type-1 diabetes mellitus: initial diabetes education with fun
N Aoki, S Ohta, H Masuda, T Naito, T Sawai, K Nishida, T Okada, M Oishi, ...
Medinfo 11 (Pt 2), 855-859
Management of Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysm in Japan A Markovian Decision Analysis with Utility Measurements Based on the Glasgow Outcome Scale
N Aoki, T Kitahara, T Fukui, JR Beck, K Soma, W Yamamoto, I Kamae, ...
Medical decision making 18 (4), 357-364
Feature mining and predictive model construction from severe trauma patient's data
J Demšar, B Zupan, N Aoki, MJ Wall, TH Granchi, J Robert Beck
International journal of medical informatics 63 (1), 41-50
Predictive model for estimating risk of crush syndrome: a data mining approach
N Aoki, J Demsar, B Zupan, M Mozina, EA Pretto, J Oda, H Tanaka, ...
Journal of Trauma-Injury, Infection, and Critical Care 62 (4), 940-945
Entertainment education for informed breast cancer treatment decisions in low-literate women: development and initial evaluation of a patient decision aid
ML Jibaja-Weiss, RJ Volk, TS Granch, NE Nefe, SJ Spann, N Aoki, ...
Journal of Cancer Education 21 (3), 133-139
Cost‐effectiveness of the surveillance program of hepatocellular carcinoma depends on the medical circumstances
K Nouso, H Tanaka, S Uematsu, K Shiraga, R Okamoto, H Onishi, ...
Journal of gastroenterology and hepatology 23 (3), 437-444
Preliminary testing of a just‐in‐time, user‐defined values clarification exercise to aid lower literate women in making informed breast cancer treatment decisions
ML Jibaja‐Weiss, RJ Volk, LC Friedman, TS Granchi, NE Neff, SJ Spann, ...
Health Expectations 9 (3), 218-231
Stability tests of the Nb-Ti cable-in-conduit superconductor with bare strands for demonstration of the Large Helical Device poloidal field coils
K Takahata, T Mito, T Satow, N Yanagi, M Sakamoto, S Yamada, ...
Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on 30 (4), 1705-1709
INSULOT A cellular phone-based edutainment learning tool for children with type 1 diabetes
N Aoki, S Ohta, T Okada, M Oishi, T Fukui
Diabetes care 28 (3), 760-760
Entertainment education for breast cancer surgery decisions: A randomized trial among patients with low health literacy
ML Jibaja-Weiss, RJ Volk, TS Granchi, NE Neff, EK Robinson, SJ Spann, ...
Patient education and counseling 84 (1), 41-48
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